Blindness or Low Vision

A park ranger answering a man and woman's question at the information desk.
A park ranger answering visitor's question at the information desk.


Information Center

The park brochure audio-described text for Ellis Island is available as a word document. There is a braille park brochure available to use at the Ellis Island Information Desk. The museum features a 30-minute film located in Theaters 1 & 2 in the Main Building of Ellis Island to teach visitors about the history of Ellis Island and immigration in the United States. Theater 1 is equipped to provide visitors with an audio descriptive soundtrack for the video presentation. This can be accessed by obtaining a headset from the Information Desk, 1st Floor. While visiting Ellis Island, emergency warnings and fire alarms are equipped with strobe (flashing) lights.

Braille Version (Braille Ready Format .brf)
Please note, .brf files require software and access to a Braille printer or reader to make use of this file.

A close view of the tactile Ellis Island metal model.
Close up of the tactile metal model behind the information desk.


Tactile Objects

There are tactile models of the buildings comprising Ellis Island's Immigration complex located behind the Information Desk within the Main Building. Visitors are encouraged to come see and touch the details of Ellis Island.

Ranger tour in the Registry Room, also know as the Great Hall.
Join a ranger-led tour and learn about the history of Ellis Island.

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Ranger Programs

All ranger programs strive to engage multiple senses and learning styles, often including audio components and/or tactile objects. Tours are offered year-round, and start on the first floor of the Main Immigration Building; close to the Information Desk. Tours may go outside, and usually include the Registry Room on the second floor. Visitors will have access to stairs, ramps, and elevators.

Informational signage entering the Main Building on Ellis Island.
Informational signs in the Baggage Room of the Main Building on Ellis Island.

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Audio Tours

The audio tour program can be used as a guided tour around the museum and as a narrative to artifacts located within the exhibits. It includes historical accounts of immigrants arriving and being processed through Ellis Island's Immigration complex. Audio descriptive tours created specifically for the blind and visually-impaired are available from the kiosk located on the first floor of the Main Building. Self-guided audio tours are included in the price of the boat tickets.

Ellis Island Wall of Honor located behind the Main Building.
Ellis Island's Wall of Honor and Main Building.

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Moving around the park

  • There are three museum levels within the Main Building where visitors can access the different eras of immigration.
  • The First floor includes the Baggage Area, ranger information kiosk, America's National Parks Bookstore, Theater 1, Ellis Island Cafe, Gift Shop, ATM, restrooms, stairs to the Great Hall, and two elevators to assist visitors
  • The Second Floor includes "Through Americas Gate" which details the immigration process, Hearing Room where immigrants would plead their cases for admission into the United States, the Registry Room (Great Hall) which is where immigrants under went medical and legal exams, and the Peak Immigration Years museum exploring the massive wave of immigration influx between 1880 and 1924.
  • The Third Floor includes the Bob Hope Memorial Library containing historical materials and resources pertaining to the monument. This floor also includes Changing Exhibits where temporary visiting exhibits are displayed, Restoring a Landmark detailing the restoration process of Ellis Island, and the Silent Voices area which explores the aftermath of the buildings closure in 1954. Visitors on this level can also view the Treasures From Home exhibit showing over 2,000 possessions immigrants brought from their native homes, and the Ellis Island Chronicles; which traces the history and expansion of the island when the government took over in 1808.
  • The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is located outside behind the Main Building. This wall commemorates all immigrants in America. Through donation, people can have a name added to the wall. Also located outside are the remnants of the foundation of Fort Gibson, a masonry fortification that helped defend New York Harbor from 1811-1860.

Last updated: September 18, 2023

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