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Image from brochure depicting moundbuilding activities.
Image from brochure depicting moundbuilding activities.

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Photos & Multimedia
Check out photos of the scenic views, prairie flowers, and aerial photos of the mounds or a demonstration of the atlatl the ancient spear thrower.

History & Culture
Learn about the people involved in building the mounds and the local amateur archaeologist who mapped and cataloged many of the mounds in the area.

The unique landscape of the driftless area provides habitat for a variety of plants and animals and contributes to ecosystems ranging from prairies to swamps.

Looking for a field trip for your class? Find out about the different educational activities available for your classroom.

Kids & Youth
Become a Junior Ranger or join us for a Junior Ranger hike or Kids' Archeology Day.

Get information on park policies, planning, and resource management.

Our bookstore has educational materials relating to the ancient mound builders.

Site Bulletins
Learn more about specific aspects of our park by reading our site bulletins.

Last updated: January 3, 2016

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