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Hey Kids… Are you looking for something fun and free to do while at your park? Why not become a Thomas Edison National Historical Park Junior Ranger! Explore your creativity and draw your own invention or pretend you are a representative of Thomas Edison National Historical Park to create an advertisement for the park. You can hunt for Edison's Logo, complete the timeline, and even watch some early Edison movies. Join in the fun!

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Thomas Edison NHP Junior Ranger Badge and Patch

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Successful Junior Rangers will take the official Junior Ranger pledge and receive a Junior Ranger badge. Work hard like Thomas Edison, complete the Bonus Questions and attend a Ranger led talk to also receive the Thomas Edison National Historical Park patch.

Good luck, have fun and remember to Explore, Learn, And Protect our National Parks.

To download your Junior Ranger book please click here. (PDF 3.6mb)


Become an Online Junior Ranger

Can't make it to the park? We have lots of things you can do from home to become a Junior Ranger. Check out the different activities to try by clicking here.
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Web Ranger Patch

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Be a WebRanger

Kids! Learn about National Parks by becoming a WebRanger. As a WebRanger, you will travel to parks all over the country through the worldwide web. Your job is to have fun while learning about YOUR National Parks and the things YOU can do to care of them. Solve mysteries and puzzles, playgames, take part in stories, and gather secret words. Become a WebRanger! Click here to begin your adventure.


Last updated: April 9, 2022

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