Occupational Health & Safety Engineering Standards

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Building Codes & Industry Standards
Denver Service Center (DSC) Requirements
National Park Service (NPS) Requirements

Building Codes & Industry Standards

  • ANSI/ASSE (American National Standards Institute/American Society of Safety Engineers)
    • ANSI/ASSE A10.34 2001 (R2012) Protection of the Public on or Adjacent to Construction Sites
    • ANSI/ASSE A10.44 2014 Control of Energy Sources (Lockout/Tagout) for Construction and Demolition Operations
    • ANSI/ASSE Z244.1 2003 (R2014) Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.0 2012 Definitions and Nomenclature Used for Fall Protection and Fall Arrest
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.1 2016 Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.11 2014 Safety Requirements for Full Body Harnesses
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.12 2009 Connecting Components for Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.13 2013 Personal Energy Absorbers and Energy Absorbing Lanyards
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.14 2014 Safety Requirements for Self-Retracting Devices for Personal Fall Arrest and Rescue Systems
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.15 2014 Safety Requirements for Single Anchor Lifelines and Fall Arresters for Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.2 2017 Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection Program
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.3 2017 Safety Requirements for Positioning and Travel Restraint Systems
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.4 2013 Safety Requirements for Assisted-Rescue and Self-Rescue Systems, Subsystems and Components
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.6 2016 Specifications and Design Requirements for Active Fall Protection Systems
    • ANSI/ASSE Z359.7 2011 Qualification and Verification Testing of Fall Protection Products
    • ANSI/ASSE Z490.1 2009 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training
  • ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
    • ASME B30.20 2018 (INT October 2010 - May 2012) Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices
    • ASME B30.22 2016 Articulating Boom Cranes
    • ASME B30.26 2015 (INT June 2010 - June 2014) Rigging Hardware
    • ASME B30.3 2016 Tower Cranes
    • ASME B30.5 2014 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes
    • ASME B30.8 2015 Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks
    • ASME B30.9 2014 (INT February 2011 - November 2013) Slings
  • ASTM International
    • ASTM F855 2017 Standard Specifications for Temporary Protective Grounds to be Used on De-energized Electric Power Lines and Equipment
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
    • IEEE 1048 2016 Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines
    • IEEE C2 2017 National Electrical Safety Code
  • NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
    • NEMA Z535.2 2011 Environmental and Facility Safety Signs
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
    • NFPA 10: Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers 2018
    • NFPA 51B: Standard for Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work 2019
    • NFPA 70: NEC (National Electrical Code) 2020
    • NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace 2018
    • NFPA 241: Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations 2019
  • USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers)
    • Engineer Manual EM 385-1-1 Safety and Health Requirements Manual 2014

Denver Service Center (DSC) Requirements


  • Best practices for Occupational Health and Safety are required. Guidance can found from:
    • ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist)
    • AIHA (American Institute of Industrial Hygiene)
    • BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals)
  • EM 385-1-1 - Safety and Health Requirements (pdf):
    • General guidance on creating accident prevention plans (APPs).
    • How to properly create activity hazard analysis (AHAs).

National Park Service (NPS) Requirements

Director's Orders (DOs)

Handbooks, Reference Manuals (RMs), Strategies, Plans, & other Professional Materials



Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


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