Milky Way over Mitten Park
The Milky Way galaxy fills the night sky above Mitten Park and the Green River.

NPS/Dan Duriscoe


Dinosaur National Monument is one of the darkest places remaining in the United States. Because there is little light pollution here, you can see the stars of our Milky Way galaxy with startling clarity. Night skies are a vanishing resource and increasing development, even in many rural areas, expands the impact of light pollution. Night sky resources can be quickly restored however with the installation of appropriate lighting that directs light to the ground where people are and not up into the air.

Much of Dinosaur National Monument provides prime places to view the night sky with either the naked eye or through the use of telescopes and binoculars. The monument has a designated spot where we hold our night sky programs near the Split Mountain Campground.

Night sky graph

Spot the International Space Station

While you are enjoying Dinosaur's dark night skies, you may get a chance to see the International Space Station.

Last updated: June 20, 2016

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