Required Equipment for Boating and Rafting


Adult Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

Type I, Type III, or Type V Coast Guard approved PFD must be properly worn by each participant while on any craft in the river (except from Cove Campsite to Rainbow Park boat ramp on the Green River). Type III and Type V life jackets must be approved for whitewater activities (rafting, paddling, etc.), must have a static shell with a minimum inherent buoyancy of 15.5 lbs (for adults), must be appropriate for size and weight of the user, and must be in good condition. PFDs showing excessive signs of wear will not be approved for use. Horse-collar type life jackets and ski and fishing vests are not acceptable.


Child PFDs

Children must properly wear an appropriately sized Coast Guard approved Type III or V PFD rated for their weight with a static shell and a minimum inherent buoyancy of 11 lbs at all times. Horse-collar type life jackets and ski and fishing vests are not acceptable. You must bring a spare child-size PFD for all trips with children. All children under 13 years of age must wear a PFD at all times while on a watercraft.


Spare PFDs

Spare PFDs must be a Coast Guard approved Type I, Type III, or Type V life jacket of an appropriate sixe and weight for the potential users, which includes spare PFDs for children. Each oar boat, dory, or paddleboat must carry a spare PFD. In addition, if there are small craft, one spare PFD is required for every five small craft (e.g., six small craft requires two spare PFDs). Spare PFDs for small craft may be carried on a support boat.


Spare Oars/Paddles

One spare oar for each raft or dory, one spare paddle for each paddle raft, and one spare paddle for every three small craft must be carried (paddles designed to be strapped to or worn on the hands meet this requirement). If there are fewer than three kayaks or canoes as part of the trip, on extra paddle is required. Spare oars/paddles for small craft may be carried by a support boat.


First Aid Kits

First aid kits - One major first aid kit for the entire group must be included, in addition to one basic first aid kit for each large craft on the trip. A major first aid kit should include supplies for treating medical emergencies and traumatic injuries (gloves, facial barrier, splinting material, trauma dressings, etc.). A minor first aid kit should include supplies for treating minor wounds and injuries.


Toilet Containers

Each group must carry and use at least one container toilet system that is washable, reusable, and will not leak when inverted to carry out human waste on multi-day trips. It must be accessible for use during the day. Bag systems (such as wag bags or PET systems) are not permitted. Toilet systems are strongly recommended, but not required, on one-day trips.


Spray Skirts and Flotation

Water-tight spray skirts and flotation for each hard shelled kayak and/or decked canoe are required.


Air Pump

An air pump is required in each group with inflatable large and/or small craft.


Boat Repair Kits

Repair kits suitable for each type of boat on the trip are required. A suitable repair kit included supplies capable of repairing tears in fabric and replacing or repairing valves and frame components.



A mesh strainer for dishwater and ashes is required for multi-day trips, but not on 1-day trips.


Fire Pan

A fire pan is required only if you intend to build a fire. Fire pans must be elevated off the ground with legs, rocks, or other items. If there is a Type 1 fire ban in the monument, open fires are then prohibited.


Fire Blanket

A fireproof blanket or welder's cloth must be carried and placed under the fire pan. It must be of sufficient size to catch coals and ashes around the fire pan. Dispose of ash properly. Trips are only required to have a fire blanket if building a fire.


Bailing Device

Each boat with a non-self bailing floor must carry a bailing device, except kayaks.


Flotation for Open Dories and Whitewater Canoes

Open dories and whitewater canoes must have securely attached flotation equal to two-thirds of volume or eight cubic feet.


Decked Dories

Closed or decked dories must have leak-proof, sealed chambers.



Helmets are required for all small craft and must be worn in all named rapids, including: Teepee, Little Joe, Five Springs, Big Joe, Warm Springs, Winnies, Disaster Falls, Harp Falls, Triplet, Hell's Half Mile, Greasy Pliers, Moonshine, SOB, Schoolboy, and Inglesby. Bike helmets are not appropriate. You must carry one spare helmet for every five small craft.


Kitchen Ground Tarp

Kitchen ground tarps must be placed under food preparation and serving tables to leave the beach free of food scraps. The food scraps caught by the kitchen ground tarp should be disposed of in an appropriate trash container.


Rescue Kit

One rescue kit (a.k.a. sweep kit or z-drag kit) containing adequate gear to rescue a trapped boat is required per group. Participants should have knowledge of river rescue techniques. A rescue kit must add mechanical advantage.


Throw Bag

One throw bag is required for all rafts and dories, including those under 16 feet..



A current copy of the 2016 Information and Regulations booklet, an accurate passenger list that matches the one on file in the river office, and a permit for launch signed by the river office are required to be readily available at all times.

Last updated: January 15, 2016

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