How will the quarry wall be kept safe for the future?

With the current state of the wall, paleontologists want to ensure that the fossils will be saved for the many future generations that come to the park. In order to do so, they will develop a long-term plan to look at all the issues on the wall related to the bones' state such as stabilizing the cliff face, loose rock on the wall, damaged bones, bones that have had repairs, humidity, etc.

Through close monitoring of the cliff wall, any changes observed will hopefully provide a warning so that problems can be adequately assessed and fixed before conditions worsen. With this mind set, the park hopes to prevent a reoccurrence leading to the closing of the building as in that of 2006. With the wall preservation project underway engineers and paleontologists will continue to work to protect and preserve this spectacular concentration of dinosaurs.

Visitors Learning about the Wall.
Here a park employee working on the wall shows several visitors some of the unique bones found on the Quarry Wall and explains the importance of the Quarry Wall as a dynamic symbol of Dinosaur National Monument.

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Last updated: February 24, 2015

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