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Important Dates

  • August 17, 1909 - Earl Douglass, Carnegie Museum paleontologist, discovers eight vertebra of an Apatosaurus, the first skeleton discovered and excavated at the Dinosaur Quarry
  • October 4, 1915 - President Woodrow Wilson signs presidential proclamation establishing 80 acres surrounding the Dinosaur Quarry as Dinosaur National Monument
  • July 14, 1938 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Presidential proclamation expanding monument by approximately 200,000 acres to include the canyons of the Green and Yampa rivers
  • June 1, 1958 - Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center is dedicated and opened to the public
  • September 8, 1960 - Congress adjusts and affirms Dinosaur National Monument's boundaries, giving the monument additional statutory protection beyond that afforded by the 1915 and 1938 presidential proclamations
  • 1965 - Monument Headquarters Visitor Center and Harpers Corner tour road are dedicated and opened to the public
  • December 4, 1974 – President Gerald Ford recommends to Congress that 165,341 acres of Dinosaur National Monument be added to the National Wilderness Preservation System
  • May 11, 1978 – An enlarged wilderness recommendation for 205,672 acres is sent to Congress, and becomes Dinosaur’s official Recommended Wilderness
  • October 4, 2011 - The Quarry Exhibit Hall and Quarry Visitor Center are reopened after a 5½ year closure.

Geographic Facts

  • Total Acreage: 210,844.02 acres or 329.44 square miles
  • Wilderness: Today, over 91 percent of Dinosaur National Monument is administered as Recommended Wilderness
  • Highest elevation: 9,006 feet at Zenobia Peak
  • Lowest elevation: 4,740 feet along Green River in the southwest corner of the monument
  • Elevation at Dinosaur Quarry: 5,000 feet
  • Elevation at Monument Headquarters: 5, 900 feet
  • Highest point on Harpers Corner Road: 7,560 feet at Stuntz Ridge
  • Deepest canyon: Canyon of Lodore, over 3,000 feet deep from rim to the river in several places
  • Highest cliff: Warm Springs cliff, 1,500 feet
  • Yampa River in the monument is 46 miles long from Deerlodge Park to its confluence with the Green River
  • Green River in the monument is 45 miles long from Gates of Lodore to Split Mountain Boat Ramp

Last updated: February 17, 2017

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