Art in the Park

Water Gap by James Fuller Queen
Detail of the Water Gap in 1856 by James F. Queen

Painting the Gap
The park is a major attraction for plein-air artists. Because of painter interest the park has started an Artist-In-Residence program which highlights their interpretation of the park through their eyes and painting style.

Copper bowl by Marie Zimmermann
Copper bowl with green patina, model 89

Marie Zimmermann (1879-1972)
The pre-eminent figure in Fine Arts in this area, Marie Zimmermann moved away from the New York art scene in 1944 to her family's vacation home near Milford, Pennsylvania. She was in her 60's, a nationally acclaimed metal crafts artist with a half-dozen employees, coverage in national arts magazines, and exhibitions from coast to coast. For the next 20 years, she would alternate her residence from her house and farm in Milford in the warm months to Florida in winter. Her home, the Marie Zimmermann house, is under restoration by the park and the Friends of Marie Zimmermann.

The Water Gap in 2005 by Karl Merchant
The Water Gap in 2005 by Karl Merchant
Profession and Recreation
Stroudsburg artist Penny Ross has offered her reflections on al fresco painting in the park, and professional photographer Clyde Butcher documents his visit to the park.

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