Three Prairie Dog pups
Prairie Dog pups


Devils Tower National Monument is home to a surprisingly diverse population of mammals within the park. As you visit the park, step quietly, and you may see some of the silent white tail deer ghosting through the ponderosa pine forest, hear the cries of the prairie dog as they scramble into their dens on the floodplain, or see the mice scramble away into the grass as you climb to the top of the Tower.

The National Park Service’s goal is to maintain the ecological processes that sustain these mammals and their habitats while monitoring the changes taking place in their populations. Seasonal or migratory movements take many species across the park boundary where they are subject to different management policies and uses of land by humans.

The Mammals of Devils Tower National Monument

A mule deer peering through the branches.

Deer and other hooved mammals

Explore the deer and other hooved mammals that call Devils Tower home

A Least chipmunk sitting on a rock.

Prairie dogs and other squirrels

Prairie Dogs and other Squirrels are some of the most visible animals at Devils Tower National Monument.

A porcupine climbs a tree.

Rodents and Shrews

Rodents and shrews comprise the largest variety of species within the park, and the smallest animals by body type!

Mountain Cottontail rabbit hiding in the grass.


Rabbits are one of the most often seen animals at Devils Tower even though camouflage is their most used method of survival.

A long-tailed weasel climbing up a rock.


Weasels are a surprisingly diverse group that includes badgers, skunks, and mink.

Immature Bobcat looking alert.

Canines and other Carnivores

The canines and other carnivores of Devils Tower National Monument are by nature seldom seen and elusive creatures.

A captured northern long-eared bat.


The cavities and niches in the rocks of the Tower and surrounding geology are vital to the health of our bat population here at Devil Tower.

Black Bear eating flowers.

Rare and Extirpated Animals

Within the borders of Devils Tower, not all species that have had a historical presence here, still exist within the park.

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