Three prairie dogs foraging for food
Prairie dogs foraging and scanning for danger

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Devils Tower National Monument is home to a diverse population of mammals. As you visit the park, step quietly: you may glimpse white-tailed deer ghosting through the ponderosa pine forest, hear the cries of the prairie dog as they scramble into their dens on the floodplain, or see mice dart between boulders at the base of the Tower.

One goal of the National Park Service is to maintain the ecological processes that sustain animals and their habitats. We also monitor changes taking place in their populations. Some animals stay in the park for their entire lives. Most travel outside the park boundary. Like many parks, the monument is a small island of refuge amidst a sea of human-dominated landscape. But islands are not immune to the events which occur beyond their borders.

A mule deer peering through the branches.
Ungulates (Hoofed Mammals)

Explore the deer and hoofed mammals that call Devils Tower home

A least chipmunk sitting on a rock.
Prairie Dogs and Other Squirrels

Squirrels, including prairie dogs, are some of the most visible animals at Devils Tower National Monument.

A porcupine climbs a tree.
Rodents and Shrews

Rodents and shrews comprise the largest variety of species within the park, and the smallest animals by body type!

Mountain cottontail rabbit hiding in the grass.

Despite their dependence on camouflage, rabbits can be seen along the Tower Trail.

A long-tailed weasel climbing up a rock.

Weasels are a surprisingly diverse group that includes badgers, skunks, and mink.

Immature bobcat looking alert.
Canines, Felines & Raccoons

The canines and other carnivores of Devils Tower National Monument are naturally elusive creatures.

A bat captured during bat inventory at the park

The cracks and boulders of the Tower, as well as the surrounding forest, are vital to a healthy bat population at Devils Tower.

Black bear eating flowers.
Rare and Extirpated Animals

Many mammals which had a historical presence at the Tower are rare or no longer present in the region.

Last updated: April 1, 2019

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