Climbing Knots Litter

prusik, a dark brown and black sled dog with white facial markings

NPS Photo

Prusik (m)

Born: 5/22/2013
Prusik is a sweet and social boy. He is always happy, attentive, and looking for ways he can please everyone. He enjoys playing with his neighboring dogs and is often found covered in dirt from digging holes and rolling around in the gravel. Prusik has beautiful striking blue eyes and loves to greet visitors to the Kennels, but photos of Prusik are often blurry—he has a hard time staying still!
mostly dark-colored dog with tan and black facial markings, a white throat and bright blue eyes curled up in a ball on snow

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Clove (f)

Born: 5/22/2013

Clove enjoys being the girl in charge. She is very fast and not afraid to take control of a situation as long as it is on her own terms. She looks and acts sassy, very similar to her mother, Sultana, and is starting to show the same capabilities as a leader on the trail. Clove is the loudest dog in our kennel and is often times heard begging for attention from the other side of the dog yard. Once Clove has it she loves playing, treats, and snuggling for hours.

munter, a mostly gray sled dog, wearing booties on his feet and standing in the snow

NPS Photo

Mϋnter (m)

Born: 5/22/2013
Mϋnter was the only brown-eyed puppy in his litter. He has a handsome gray coat that is very similar to his father, Typhoon, who belongs to Matt Emslie in Fairbanks. He also inherited his mother's fiery spirit and intelligence. Mϋnter intently begs for cookies by making sad eyes at kennels staff. In the summer he is often found lying on his dog house with his head hanging off the roof.

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