Road Ecology Program

For over seventy years, the Denali Park Road has provided the primary access to Denali National Park and Preserve, facilitating wilderness recreational opportunities and supporting a sense of discovery, adventure, and a connection with nature.The Vehicle Management Plan (2012) is a tool that park managers use to ensure there is a balance between the demand for visitor opportunities to tour the road with the need to ensure that park resources are protected and visitors continue to have a safe, high-quality experience.

Interested in more information? Check out the Science and Scholarship Resources page to find more recommended resources about road ecology and other research topics from the park.

History & Plans Leading Up to the Road Ecology Program

four women standing in front of a bus on a dirt road

History of the Park Road

From the 1920's to the present the Denali Park Road has been an important method of connecting visitors with their National Park.

a bus comes around a mountainside on a winding dirt road

Park Road Capacity Study

A study designed to optimize visitor experiences along the park road while protecting wildlife, & precursor to the Vehicle Management Plan.

two bicyclists ride on a dirt road in the opposite direction of a bus

Vehicle Management Plan

This plan guides decisions about the Denali Park Road. The Road Ecology Program monitors how well the park adheres to the plan.


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