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What Is NEPA?

NEPA is the acronym for the National Environmental Policy Act. This act, passed in 1969, laid the foundation for environmental protection in the United States by setting policy goals for the federal government. Two major requirements of the act are that agencies analyze the environmental impacts of federal actions and engage the public in the decision-making process.

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Denali's NEPA Documents

Below, you'll find a variety of environmental assessments and other documents. Some of these are done in conjunction with a large management plan of some kind, while others are for smaller-scale projects or actions.


Backcountry Management Plan (2006) & Related Documents

This Backcountry Management Plan updates and expands upon the 1976 Backcountry Management Plan and amends the 1986 General Management Plan. The plan's goals are to continue to provide for a range of visitor opportunities in the backcountry, to protect the internationally significant resources of the park and preserve, and to manage growth so that in the long term a greater number of users can experience the park with reduced environmental impacts. The record of decision approving the Final Backcountry Management Plan, General Management Plan Amendment, and Environmental Impact Statement was signed on February 21, 2006.


Documents Concerning Proposals for a Northern Access Route into the Park


Plans: Kantishna Area

ANILCA Title XI Access: Standard Form 299

Spruce Creek Access (2002)

Reclamation of Mined Lands Program (2001)

Cumulative Impacts of Mining (1990): Record of Decision

Comstock Sampling Environmental Assessment (2006): Environmental Assessment | Finding of No Significant Impact

Gravel Use Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment


Additional Environmental Assessments (2003 and earlier)

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