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Prince George's County, MD

Largely forested (66 ac.) site on the Potomac River with earthworks and two large Rodman cannons, interpretive signs, and self guided trails, picnic area, and river access

Earthworks in good condition. parking lot.

Fort Greble

First and Elmira Sts. S.W. near Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Recreation area. Remains of rifle trenches in adjacent wooded area.

Vegetation and understory are overgrown. Nearby parking.

Battery Carroll

I-295, near South Capitol St. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. S.W.

Mixed forested area.

Underdeveloped natural area. Street parking nearby. No developed facilities.

Fort Stanton

W Street, Good Hope Rd. and Fort Pl. S.E.

Fortification remains in wooded parkland abutting open overlook on private property. Substantial ruins of fort site, interpretive sign, and D.C. Parks and Recreation playground. Unpaved hiker-biker trail head nearby (opposite Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum).

Rifle trenches are in forested area. Overlook on private (Our lady of perpetual Help) property. Unpaved hike-biker trail eroded and often overgrown. Street parking nearby.

Fort Ricketts

W Street, Good Hope Rd. and Fort Pl., S.E

Woodlot near intersection adjacent to open field, and unpaved hiker-biker trail head nearby (opposite Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum). Small picnic area and pavilion, interpretive sign, remains of rifle trenches in woodlot.

Rifle trenches are overgrown with vegetation. Street parking nearby.

Fort Circle Parks-East Connector Corridors.

Fort Ricketts to Fort Davis, to Fort Dupont, to Fort Chaplin, Fort Mahan. Also 4th and LeBaum Streets S. E. to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Joliette St. S.W. (Shepard Parkway)

Largely wooded corridors that connect some Fort Circle Parks. The mostly unpaved hiker-biker trail traverses the sites.

Unpaved hiker-biker trail runs from fort Ricketts to just north of Fort Mahan. Eroded and overgrown sections. No trail or other facilities in the Shepard Parkway section.

Fort Davis

Near Pennsylvania. and Alabama Aves. S.E.

Mixed forest and mowed field, basketball court, hiker-biker trail, interpretive sign, small fort ruins on Fort Davis Dr.

Fort runs in wooded area, but in good condition. Unpaved hiker-biker trail nearby eroded. No other facilities.

Fort Dupont

Bounded by Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota Aves. , Ridge Rd . and Ely Pl. S.E; historic fort entrance on Alabama Ave. S.E

Large (376 ac.) forested areas, with meadows, fields, streams, and many active recreational facilities. Picnic areas, community gardens, activity center, amphitheatre, indoor ice rinks, trails, interpretive signs, and fort ruins at Fort Davis and fort Dupont Drs. and Randall Circle.

Small fort ruins overgrown but in good condition. Plenty of parking and developed facilities. Unpaved hiker-biker trail in fair condition.

Fort Chaplin

East Capitol St. and Texas Ave. S.E.

Mixed forest with open fields. Unpaved hiker-biker trail, interpretive sign, fort ruins at highest elevations.

Fort Ruins in good condition, located away from trail. No facilities other than trail.

Fort Mahan

Benning Rd and 42nd St. N.E.

Mixed forest and fields, ball field on top, picnic tables, interpretive sign, perimeter trail, hiker-biker trail, rifle trenches.

Remaining historic fort and rifle trenches situated along wooded perimeter at top.

Fort Bunker Hill

Between 13th and 14th Sts. And Otis and Perry Sts, NE

Mixed forest and fields, picnic table; amphitheater, interpretive sign, fort remains

Partial remains of fort small, but in good condition

Barnard Hill

Eastern Ave and Bunker Hill NE

Mixed forest and fields, loop road with picnic area, interpretive sign

Mixed woods and green fields in good condition

Fort Circle Corridor (at Gallatin and Galloway Streets)

Between Gallatin and Galloway Sts. from Eastern Ave. to Fort Totten, NE

Mowed green strip with wooded areas, baseball field, identification sign

Mowed areas in good condition adjacent to wooded strips with thick understory

Fort Totten

Adjacent to Fort Totten Metro Station, Fort Totten Dr., and Gallatin St. NE

Mixed forest with open fields, picnic tables, community gardens, identification sign, earthworks

Significant erosion of original earthworks

Fort Circle Corridor (Fort Totten to Fort Slocum)

Between Fort Drive and 1st St, between Gallatin St., 3rd St, and Oglethorpe St. NE

Mowed green strip with mixed woods, community gardens, identification sign

Mowed grassy areas in good condition

Fort Slocum

Kansas Ave. and Madison St., NW

Mixed forest with open fields, picnic pavilion, interpretive sign, rifle trenches

Few remains of rifle trenches overgrown

Fort Circle Corridor (fort Stevens Slocum to Fort Stevens

From 3rd St., and Piney Branch Rd. to Fort Dr. and Missouri Ave. NW

Mowed green strip, community gardens, indentification sign

Mowed grassy areas in good condition

Fort Stevens

Piney Branch Rd. and Quackenbos Rd. NW

Partially reconstructed fort with earthworks, two cannons, monuments and plaques

Partially reconstructed fort needs rehabilitation, earthworks in fair condition

Battleground National Cementary

Georgia Ave. between Van Buren and Whittier Sts., NW

National military cemetery, pavilion and flagpole, historic caretaker lodge

Cemetery and caretaker's lodge in good condition

Fort Circle Corridor (Fort Stevens to Fort DeRussy)

Between Fort Stevens and Oregon Ave. near Military Road NW

Mowed green strip with wooded area, community garden

Mowed grassy areas in moderately good condition some erosion from foot traffic

Fort DeRussy

Rock Creek Park, NW

Mixed forest, monument, interpretive sign, earthworks

Extensive erosion of earthworks, overgrown with vegetation

Fort Circle Corridor (Fort DeRussy to Fort Reno)

Along Fort Dr., between Fort DeRussy and Nebraska Ave., NW

Mixed forest and mowed areas

Wooded and open fields in good condtion

Fort Reno

Chesapeake and 40th Sts N.W.

Fort Bayard

Western Ave. and River Road, N.W.

Playground, ball field

Playing Fields in good condition

Fort Circle Corridor (Fort Reno to Battery Kemble)

Mowed grassy areas

Nebraska Ave., NW

Grassy areas in good condition

Battery Kemble

Near Chain Bridge Rd, NW

Wooded ravine, recreation trail, picnic tables, interpretive sign

Areas overgrown but in good condition

Fort Marcy

George Washington Memorial Parkway, Fairfax County, VA

Mixed forest with open areas, picnic tables, interpretive signs, cannon, rifle trenches, earthworks

Earthworks and rifle trench in excellent condition

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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