SE National Park Service: Cultural Resources Geographical Information System Facility (CRGIS)
  • Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS)

National Register of Historic Places Spatial Data

Under a formal agreement with the National Register of Historic Places program, CRGIS helps to create, maintain, correct, and distribute GIS data representing NRHP resources. The dataset currently includes more than 87,000 listed properties and is compliant with the NPS Cultural Resources Spatial Data Transfer Standards. This work is ongoing and the dataset will be updated on a periodic basis over time.

Public (non-sensitive) datasets are available through the NPS IMRA Portal and currently include file geodatabase formats as well as a public map service. Additionally, a public web map application is in beta development and available here.

It is important to understand that as of January 2020, the dataset is incomplete with regards to the overall content on the National Register. We are seeking to address this and long-standing data accuracy issues but we do not have a timeline yet in place. Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions document related to the development, distribution, and use of our National Register spatial dataset. We urge you to read through this document before contacting us. Thanks!

Please note that sensitive data has been restricted and is unavailable except by a specific request made to the National Register Program of Historic Places directly.