• Cultural Resources Geographic Information Systems (CRGIS)

Cultural Resources Enterprise Data

Working with our NPS partners and programs as well as through agreements with other government agencies, CRGIS is working to develop an Enterprise-level GIS for NPS cultural resources. The data that is implemented conforms to the NPS Cultural Resources Spatial Data Standards and access restrictions are implemented at the record level. Currently, the dataset includes content from the National Register of Historic Places, legacy Cultural Landscapes Inventory data, as well as NPS Tax and Grant-related data. Efforts are currently underway to incorporate the legacy List of Classified Structures spatial data.

At this time, the dataset is available only to NPS employees and partners. Sensitive data has been restricted and is unavailable except by a specific request made to the individual parks, programs, or regions responsible for its creation. NPS users can access non-restricted data views through a variety of mechanisms including GIS software and map services. Non-technical users may view the data through a web map via the NPS Portal. (NPS Employees, see our new guidance document on using the NPS Portal Web Map here!) Information on how to connect to the National Cultural Resources 'Enterprise' Data can be found on the CRGIS Sharepoint.