Cowpens National Battlefield includes 842.5 acres of land which hosts a wide variety of plant and animal life. Its unique ecosystems and diverse habitats were crucial in the planning and success of the Battle of Cowpens.

Animal life is plentiful at the park. A daytime hike might provide a glimpse of white-tail deer or a multitude of birds, and frogs along the streams throughout the park. As dusk falls, opossums, raccoons, and other nocturnal creatures emerge and begin their search for food.

The park provides many specialized habitats for threatened plants and is home to rare ecosystems. There are 542 species of plants at the park, many of which are very unique to the area. However, at least 28% of the plants at Cowpens are not native, and natural environments are being threatened by invasive species.

In order to combat the spread of invasive plants, the park is coordinating with Palmetto Conservation Foundation to remove the more aggressive invaders.

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