Park staff holds a bat
Fringed Myotis

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Bat Basics

Bats are one of Coronado National Memorial’s valuable animal assets. Bats help pollinate plants, disperse seeds, and eat pest insects. Of all the mammal species, bats are the only ones capable of true flight. Their wings are specially adapted to various purposes like speed, endurance, and agility. While feeding at night, bats use echolocation to find and eat their insect prey.

Confirmed bat species in the park:

Lesser Long-nosed Bat (endangered)
Townsend’s Bat
Hoary Bat
Southwestern myotis
California myotis
Small-footed myotis
Fringed myotis
Cave myotis

For more information on Coronado’s bats chose from these subtopics:

White-nose Syndrome and Prevention
Ecological Benefits of Bats
Agaves and Bats
Bats at Coronado
––Lesser Long-Nose Bat
Bats and the Night Sky

Last updated: April 8, 2016

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