People on the Expedition

A stylized portrait of a man in helmet and armor
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado

The Capitan General of the expedition to "Tierra Nueva" – what is now northwest Mexico and the American Southwest

A man in hooded robe with cross lit in silhouette
Fray Marcos de Niza

The Coronado Expedition hinged on accounts of glorious, wealthy cities in what is now the Southwest from one man: fray Marcos de Niza

A painted portrait of a man in 16th century robes and colorful script
Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza

The first viceroy (governor) of Nueva España had great influence on the expedition, including the decision of who would lead the entrada

Painting of Juan Garillo, stand in for Esteban
Esteban de Dorantes

One of the most fascinating figures connected to the expedition was Esteban, an African slave who made first contact with the Zuni people

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