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A ranger reads to a kindergarten class
A ranger in the classroom

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Available (and free!) for elementary school classes. A ranger will guide students through a 30-60 minute lesson (see below). As everyone's budgets have grown tighter, fewer schools are able to afford the busses required for a trip to one of the national park sites. We hope the Ranger in the Classroom programs will fill a need to connect students with the National Park Service, the natural history of southeast Arizona, and the Coronado Expedition. We strive to offer some of the experiences students would have during a park field trip.

Marvelous Mammals (K - 5th grade):
In this program, students will learn how to identify mammal characteristics through demonstrations and classroom activities. We discuss adaptations, predator and prey, camoflauge vs warning colorations, and look at characteristcis of teeth and orbits to determine whether an animal is a carnivore, herbviore, or omnivore.

K.L1U1.6, K.L1U1.7, 1.L2U1.8, 1.L4U1.10, 2.L2U1.10, 3.L1U1.5, 4.L4U1.11, 5.L4U3.11

Fill the Bill (K - 5th grade):
Students learn about bird beak adaptations by using a variety of tools to simulate eating different foods. We compare and contrast bird beaks and how they correlate with the environment the bird lives in.

K.L1U1.6, 1.L4U3.11, 3.L1U1.5, 4.L4U1.115.L4U3.11

Coronado Expedition (K - 5th grade):
The Coronado Expedition initiated a cultural clash and exchange between the Spanish and Native Americans. This program explores the changes in cultures that occurred when the Coronado Expedition came through this region.

K.SP1.2, K.SP1.3, K.SP2.1, K.G1.2, K.H1.1, 1.SP.2, 1.SP2.1, 1.G2.1, 1.G3.1, 2.SP1.2, 2.SP2.2, 2.G3.1, 2.G4.1, 2.H1.3, 3.SP1.2, 3.SP2.1, 3.H1.1, 4.SP1.2, 4.SP1.3, 4.SP2.1, 4.G3.1, 4.H2.1, 5,SP.1.2, 5.H2.1

Ranger Reading (K - 3rd grade):
A park ranger from Coronado National Memorial will share their love of reading with students in local schools. Each 30-minute program focuses on a book about the local region and include hands-on activities.

For more information please see our Education Brochure (5MB .pdf). For questions about programs and reservations please call us at (520) 366-5515 x2321 or email us.

Last updated: July 24, 2023

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