Synchronized Fireflies at Congaree

Green-yellow flashes of many synchronized fireflies after sunset flash low near the forest floor
Visitors to Congaree National Park have long been fascinated by synchronized fireflies and their unique ability to flash in unison with one another.

NPS Photo

The appearance of fireflies flashing in the evening is a welcome sign summer is near. Many have fond memories of watching fireflies twinkling at sunset, but sadly the experience of watching these fascinating insects come out to dance at dusk is not as common as it once was. This makes places that preserve the habitat and conditions fireflies need to survive, while also offering opportunities to view them, so important.

Congaree is home to several species of firefly, including the synchronous species Photuris frontalis. It is the ability of this firefly species to flash in unison with others that draws thousands of fascinated visitors to Congaree each May. To learn more about these fireflies, click the tabs below to see answers to some of the frequently asked firefly questions people ask park rangers and volunteers each year.


Last updated: February 18, 2023

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