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CIRO Unigrid 2013 cover
Cover of the City of Rocks National Reserve unigrid brochure


City of Rocks National Reserve (unigrid)
City of Rocks Camping

Climbing Experience Program
Creekside Towers Trail
Castle Rocks State Park
Top Highlights

Wayside Exhibits:

CIRO Wayside Exhibit - Climbing
CIRO Wayside Exhibit - Circle Creek Overlook

CRSP Wayside Exhibit - California Trail
CRSP Wayside Exhibit - Pictograph


Backcountry Camping Area
California Trail Wayside Exhibits
Creekside Tower Trail
Trails of City of Rocks and Castle Rocks

OHV Information and Map
Smoky Mountain Campground


Ice Climbers Guide
Geologic and Historic Sites Photo Tour Guide
Auto Tour Guide
California National Historic Trail at City of Rocks (Guide)
Geological Interpretive Trail Guide


Last updated: January 26, 2018

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