There are many ways you can help the City of Rocks National Reserve and support it's historical culture and geological beauty. From preserving our natural resources to educating visitors of it's historical significance, the park provides opportunities to share your expertise, meet new people, and enjoy recreational amenities. Volunteer opportunities are endless and your time will be well spent and rewarding.

Become a campground host or volunteer for other services at City of Rocks National Reserve. Volunteers are often needed in the visitor center, educational roles, maintenance, public information, and retail sales.

Other volunteer opportunities include:

Volunteer Stan LLoyd
Kimberly Middle School. BATH ROCK

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  • develop and lead a mountain bike rental program
  • rebuild fences in back-country
  • create trail signs using a computer operated sign router
  • teach or demonstrate basic climbing techniques
  • birder and wildflower guide services
  • landscape and beautify facilities and visitor centers
  • convert digital photos of park herbarium to on-line web herbarium for park visitors
  • develop a photo database of all place-names (rocks, routes, mountains, etc.)
  • develop a photo inventory of all capital equipment
  • back-country patrols in core season
If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at City of Rocks National Reserve and other parks in idaho fill out an online volunteer application provided by Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

Last updated: January 30, 2020

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