"The thing then to be desired above all others is confidence in one's self..." Charles Young

Throughout his life, Charles Young overcame countless obstacles in his ascent to prominence.  In spite of overt racism and stifling inequality, Young rose through the military ranks to become one of the most respected leaders of his time.  A well-rounded man with a steadfast devotion to duty, Young led by example and inspired a generation of new leaders. Read More

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The Veterans Podcast

Watch and listen as we present the new Veterans Podcast, featuring military veterans employed at various NPS sites throughout the country.

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Charles Young Interactive Storymap

Read more and learn more about the incredible life story of Colonel Charles Young through the new, interactive Storymap!

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Park Cell Phone Tour

Dial in to the park's Cell Phone Tour and learn about the people and the places that made Wilberforce what it is today.

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Plan Your Visit to the Park

Before you leave home, let us help you plan your visit by advising you of essential information that will make your trip a memorable one.

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Park Introductory Film

The official introductory film for Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument.

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Every Kid In A Park Pass

4th graders can now earn their free parks pass! This special pass waives entry fees to thousands of federal sites in the United States.

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Become a Junior Ranger

Earn your Jr. Ranger badge and certificate, just like these pictured. Every online and mail in submission are eligible!

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Jr. Ranger Fun Section

Hey Kids! After you finish achieving your Jr. Ranger badge, head over to the kids fun section for printable puzzles & coloring pages.

Banners available for display

Traveling Banner Exhibition

The park has a limited number of banner display sets available for public institution display/use throughout the country.

Charles Young, standing with hand on hips, next to horses and troopers

Colonel Charles Young

The life of Colonel Charles Young was filled with memorable highs and demoralizing lows. Learn more about this true American hero.

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The Buffalo Soldiers

Learn more about the men who battled enemies of the United States abroad all the while as they struggled to earn equality at home.

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Col. Charles Young's Historic Ride

Learn about the journey of Charles Young's horse ride to Washington D.C.. Not only did he prove his physical fitness, he proved his worth.

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Volunteer at the Park

Looking for a rewarding and memorable experience? Become a Volunteer In Park (VIP) and help us fulfill our mission.

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The New Senior Pass Program

Two options for seniors are available. A $20 annual pass & an $80 lifetime pass. Learn about the new Senior Pass program and where to buy.

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The Park & The Warren Family StoryCorps

Hear the compelling and amazing stories from WWII Buffalo Soldier veteran, Harold Warren, Jr.

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Park Photo Galleries

View official park photos in various photo galleries online.

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Laws and Policies

Important information about the laws and policies pertaining to firearms and concealed carry in the park units.

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Park Partners

We can't do it alone. Therefore, the park is fortunate to have lasting affiliations with many partners who help us in our mission.

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