First Amendment Area

A U.S. flag waving on a flagpole in front of trees

NPS Photo / Tom Engberg

The First Amendment gives all Americans the right to free speech. It is a cornerstone of American democracy. In order to protect park resources and to keep all visitors safe, the Courts have recognized that activities associated with the exercise of Americans' constitutional rights may be reasonably regulated. All groups are required to obtain a permit to utilize the park's First Amendment free speech areas.

The park's First Amendment free speech area is the grassy field that is adjacent to the west parking lot, directly west of Youngsholm. It is NOT the grassy area in between the east and west parking lots. Please refer to the image below for the park's designated First Amendment free speech area. It is defined by the yellow box with red boundary lines.

We encourage you to Contact Us if you have questions or if you need more information about the designated First Amendment free speech area.

Aerial view of land showing a highlighted area with text reading First Amendment Area above it.
The designated First Amendment Area at the park, highlighted in yellow with red boundary box.

Aerial image courtesy of google

Last updated: November 15, 2022

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