Winter Activities

Snowshoeing on the towpath
During the winter months, visitors may enjoy snowshoeing, sledding, cross-country skiing, and hiking at the C&O Canal.

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Ice Skating

Ice skating on the canal is at your own risk. Park staff do not monitor ice conditions. In most watered areas of the park, the canal ranges in depth from 6 feet to 15 feet and the canal maintains a constant flow of water beneath the ice. Ice skating on the canal is prohibited at the Widewater area (Mile Post 12.6 - 13.4) and where prohibited by signage. Please use extreme caution.

Ice Fishing

Review ice fishing regulations before heading out:

  • A person may fish through the ice in any non-tidal waters of the State during the lawful open season if an angler's license first is obtained. MD Code §4-604(b)
  • A person may not cut a hole through the ice measuring more than 10 inches in any direction for the purpose of ice fishing. MD Code § 4-602
  • All tip ups and rods used by a person engaged in ice fishing shall be under the immediate control of the person. MD Code § 4-602
  • No more than 2 hooks or 2 hook units per line. MD Code § 4- 617(a)
  • When ice fishing, no more than 5 tip ups or rods may be used. MD Code §4-602
  • It is illegal to operate portable engines or Power Augers. 36 CFR §2.12(a)(3)
  • It is illegal to build fires along the shoreline or on the ice. 36 CFR §2.13(a)(1)
Photo of cross-country skiers on towpath at lock 19.
The towpath can be an excellent place to cross-country ski and enjoy winter at the canal.

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Cross-country Skiing

Although it is not groomed for cross-country skiing, the towpath offers a beautiful winter landscape for hikers and cross-country skiers. Snow is more likely to accumulate on the western portions of the towpath where elevations are slightly higher and temperatures are slightly lower.

Dog Sleds

Canine-drawn sleds/gigs are permitted on the towpath between November 1 and March 15 between Sycamore Landing (Mile 27.2) and Town Creek (Mile 162.2).

Last updated: February 12, 2022

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