Tent camping is available at all of our campsites.
Camping allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the C&O Canal at night.

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Camping Regulations

Camping is allowed only in designated sites.

If you are planning on leaving a parked car at a C&O Canal Parking lot, online vehicle registration is required in parking lots from Georgetown to Seneca. The parking permit is recommended but not required from Seneca to Cumberland. Fill out the parking registration form here. Print your receipt and place on your dashboard.

Important Infomation:

  • The C&O Canal is a trash free park. Please plan to take all trash with you.
  • Quiet hours are between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Pets must be on a leash or under other physical control at all times.
  • Firewood cannot be brought into the park.
  • There is a maximum of 2 tents and 8 people capacity except for group campsites.
  • The tying of ropes to trees and structures is not permitted.
  • Fires are restricted to the grills and fire rings provided or to portable grills positioned off the ground. Coals must be extinguished and removed from the park.
  • Firewood may be collected from dead material on the ground but for use in campgrounds only. Do not remove wood from the campground.
  • For the protection of drinking water, campers may not wash dishes, bathe, or clean fish near wells.
  • Draining or dumping refuse or waste from trailers or other vehicles is prohibited.

Hiker-Biker Campsites

  • No fee charged.
  • 31 hiker-biker campgrounds located every 6 to 8 miles along the canal.
  • Stay is limited to one night per site, per trip.
  • All sites have a chemical toilet, water, a picnic table, and grill. Please Note: Potable water may not be available at each campsite. Water is treated with iodine. Please plan to have water purification tablets with you. Water is turned off from November 15 to April 15 each year.
Hiker-Biker Campsites include:
    • Mile 16.6 Swains Lock
    • Mile 26.1 Horsepen Branch
    • Mile 30.5 Chisel Branch
    • Mile 34.4 Turtle Run
    • Mile 38.2 Marble Quarry
    • Mile 42.5 Indian Flats
    • Mile 47.6 Calico Rocks
    • Mile 50.3 Bald Eagle Island
    • Mile 62.9 Huckleberry Hill
    • Mile 75.2 Killiansburg Cave
    • Mile 79.2 Horseshoe Bend
    • Mile 82.7 Big Woods
    • Mile 90.9 Opequon Junction
    • Mile 95.2 Cumberland Valley
    • Mile 101.2 Jordan Junction
    • Mile 110 North Mountain
    • Mile 116 Licking Creek
    • Mile 120.6 Little Pool
    • Mile 126.4 White Rock
    • Mile 129.9 Leopards Mill
    • Mile 133.6 Cacapon Junction
    • Mile 139.2 Indigo Neck
    • Mile 144.5 Devils Alley
    • Mile 149.4 Stickpile Hill
    • Mile 154.1 Sorrel Ridge
    • Mile 157.4 Purslane Run
    • Mile 162.1 Town Creek
    • Mile 164.8 Potomac Forks
    • Mile 169.1 Pigmans Ferry
    • Mile 175.3 Irons Mountain
    • Mile 180.1 Evitts Creek
The Paw Paw Campsite with picnic tables and grills
Paw Paw campsite

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Drive-in Campgrounds

  • Trailer length may not exceed 20 feet
  • $20 per site per night (Senior Pass pass holders are entitled to a 50% discount)
  • No RV Hookups
  • Drive-in campsites are equipped with grills, chemical toilets, and water.
  • Antietam Creek and Paw Paw have adjacent parking, but visitors cannot park at the actual campsite. Visitors may not park and sleep in Recreational Vehicles in these parking areas.
  • Stay is limited to 14 days between May 1 and October 1. Stay is limited to a total of 30 days for the entire calendar year. There is a limit of eight people per site.

Group Campsites

  • $40 per site per night during peak season, and $20 during non-peak season.
  • Group sites are also reserved on our camping page.
  • Groups with more than eight people need to use the group campsites or register for more than one site in the campground. Those campgrounds include:
    • Mile 11.5 Marsden Tract (civic and scout organizations only)
    • Mile 110.4 McCoys Ferry
    • Mile 140.9 Fifteenmile Creek
    • Mile 173.3 Spring Gap

Private Accomodations

Private accommodations are available in many of the Canal Towns along the towpath. You can also stay in a refurbished lockhouse along the towpath as part of the Canal Trust's Canal Quarters program.

Last updated: August 27, 2017

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