Meet the Mules

C&O Canal has been home to many mules over the years, including the park’s current team – Dolly, Eva, Jen, and Julie. Each mule has their own unique personality, and they share special bonds with each other and the park staff that work with and care for them. Like people, the park’s mules work until they are ready to retire.

A brown and black mule
Dolly is the oldest member of the current mule team.

NPS Photo / E. Cowan


Born: 2003, Virginia
Height: 15.2 hands (60.8 inches)
Weight: 1,100 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Color: Black Bay

Dolly is the most headstrong and independent mule on the team. Because of her intelligence and strength, Dolly is always reliable and ready to work. With her powerful but friendly personality, Dolly guides the younger mules during training and boat programs. Dolly and Eva often work together as a pair when they pull the canal boat. Dolly joined the team in 2008.

black and brown mule wearing a leather harness
Eva is the quiet leader of the team.

NPS Photo / E. Cowan


Born: 2004, Virginia
Height: 15.1 hands (60.4 inches)
Weight: 1,200 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Color: Black Bay

Eva is the quiet giant of the team. Her size might be intimidating at first, but her calm and agreeable demeanor makes her a natural leader for working with the canal boat and training other mules. She is patient, eager to please, and serves as a steady helping hand to the younger mules. Eva joined the team in 2009.

A red mule with a white face with brown spots
Jen is a Blonde Sorrel and her coat has a red tint to it, especially in the fall.

NPS Photo / E. Cowan


Born: 2013, Kentucky
Height: 15.1 hands (60.4 inches)
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Color: Blonde Sorrel

Jen is a very affectionate mule with a confident personality. She is patient with her handlers and the other mules but is extremely suspicious of unfamiliar animals and sounds. Jen is a quiet protector and can usually be found sticking close to her little sister, Julie. Jen joined the team in 2020.

A red sorrel mule with a white face
Julie is the smallest and youngest mule on the team.

NPS Photo / E. Cowan


Born: 2014, Kentucky
Height: 14.3 hands (57.2 inches)
Weight: 950 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Color: Red Sorrel

Julie is the smallest and most timid of the mules. While she is sometimes slow to warm up to new situations, she is sweet and trusting of her fellow mules and the people that she bonds with. Julie is the youngest of the four mules but has a big, affectionate personality that balances the team. Julie joined the team in 2020.


Learn More

The team of mules work approximately eight months out of the year. They are the "engines" of the replica canal excursion boat during public boat programs and provide educational opportunities during the 'Meet the Mules' programs. For a complete list of programs visit the park's event calendar. You can also see more photos of the park's mules, including retired mules, by visiting the photo gallery.

Trading Cards

All four of the mules are now featured on park trading cards! The cards feature a photo of each mule and fun facts about their personalities and time at the park. The cards make a great souvenir for anyone who visits the park, meets the mules, or goes on a canal boat ride. The cards are available at the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center in Potomac, MD.


Last updated: February 17, 2023

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