Explore the stories of the people who have lived and worked in what is now Chiricahua National Monument.

Photograph of sotols, distant green mountain ranges, and a small road.

The Apache Wars: Cochise

Apache Pass was the site of many conflicts between the Chiricahua Apache, especially Chief Cochise, and the US government.

Sepia-toned photograph of one man on a horse, and a line of warriors on foot.

The Apache Wars: Geronimo

Geronimo played a crucial role in the Apache Wars, despite not being a chief.

Sepia-toned photograph of seated man wearing a jacket, with hair cropped above his shoulder.

After the Apache Wars

After the Chiricahua Apache surrendered, they were considered prisoners-of-war and sent to Florida, and later Oklahoma.

Black and white photograph of field and trees in front of tall hills with rock pinnacles.

Camp Bonita and the Geronimo Campaign

Unearth the connection between Buffalo Soldiers stationed at Camp Bonita and the larger Geronimo Campaign.

Three-tiered stone monument in a field behind a fence.

Garfield Monument and Henry Flipper

Discover the connection between the 10th Cavalry Soldiers who built this monument to President Garfield and 2nd Lieutenant Henry Flipper.


The Story of Faraway Ranch

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