Although small in size, (less than 10,000 acres), Chickasaw National Recreation Area plays host to a remarkable number of birds. The east-west ecotone (where the hardwood forests meet the grasslands) the overlap of north and south, and the proximity to the central flyways provide more types of birds than are found in some larger areas.

Over 160 of the birds on this list have actually been sighted in the area. The rest are likely present at one time or another during the year but either haven't been sighted yet or the sightings haven't been reported. If visitors spot a unique or interesting bird, please let park staff know. These sightings help keep Chickasaw's species lists up-to-date.


a - Abundant: likely to be seen in large numbers in proper season and habitat
c - Common: frequently seen in small numbers in proper season and habitat
u - Uncommon: may be seen regularly in small numbers in proper season and habitat
o - Occasional: seen irregularly in small numbers, even in proper habitat
r - Rare: present irregularly in a portion of its habitat, seldom seen

Seasonal Occurrence
SR - Summer resident
PR - Permanent resident
WV - Winter visitor
M - Migrant

This listing is for habitat where bird is most commonly found. If no habitat is listed, the bird is of widespread occurrence.

W - Water areas: lakes, ponds, streams, marshes
F - Forest: riparian and upland woods
B - Brush: forest edge, thickets, fencerows
P - Prairie: grasslands, pastures, cultivated fields
R - Riparian: deciduous vegetation along streams


GEESE & DUCKS                          OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Tundra swan                           rWV                 W
___ White-fronted goose                   rWV                 W
___ Snow goose                            cWV                 W
___ Canada goose                          cPR                 W
___ Mallard                               cPR                 W
___ Pintail                               cPR                 W
___ Gadwall                               cWV                 W
___ American wigeon                       cWV                 W
___ Northern shoveler                     cWV                 W
___ Blue-winged teal                      cPR                 W
___ Green-winged teal                     cWV                 W
___ Cinnamon teal                         oM                  W
___ Wood duck                             cPR                 W
___ Redhead                               cWV                 W
___ American black duck                   rWV                 W
___ Canvasback                            cWV                 W
___ Lesser scaup                          cWV                 W
___ Common goldeneye                      cWV                 W
___ Bufflehead                            cWV                 W
___ Ruddy duck                            cPR                 W
___ Ring-necked duck                      cWV                 W
___ Red-breasted merganser                rWV                 W
___ Hooded merganser                      oWV                 W
___ Common merganser                      cWV                 W

VULTURES                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Black vulture                         oPR                 -
___ Turkey vulture                        aPR                 -

___ Mississippi kite                      cSR                 FP
___ Goshawk                               rWV                 F
___ Cooper's hawk                         oPR                 F
___ Sharp-shinned hawk                    cWV                 FB
___ Northern harrier                      cPR                 P
___ Broad-winged hawk                     cSR                 F
___ Rough-legged hawk                     cWV                 P
___ Red-tailed hawk                       cPR                 -
___ Red-shouldered hawk                   cPR                 F
___ Swainson's hawk                       cSR                 P
___ Harris' hawk                          rWV                 RB
___ Golden eagle                          oPR                 -
___ Bald eagle                            uPR                 WR
___ Osprey                                uM                  W
___ Peregrine falcon                      rWV                 FPW
___ Prairie falcon                        uPR                 P
___ American kestrel                      cPR                 FBP
___ Merlin                                rWV                 FR

TURKEY & QUAIL                         OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Northern bobwhite                     cPR                FBP
___ Wild Turkey                           cPR                FBP

___ Great egret                           cSR                 W
___ Cattle egret                          aSR                 P
___ Great blue heron                      aPR                 W
___ Little blue heron                     cSR                 W
___ Green heron                           aSR                 W
___ Yellow-crowned night-heron            cSR                 W
___ Black-crowned night-heron             cSR                 W
___ Louisiana heron                       rM                  W
___ American bittern                      uSR                 W
___ Least bittern                         uSR                 W

IBIS                                   OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ White-faced ibis                      uM                  W

CRANES                                 OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Sandhill crane                        uWV                 WP
___ Whooping crane                        rM                  WP

COOTS & RAILS                          OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ American coot                         aPR                 W
___ King rail                             rSR                 W
___ Virginia rail                         rSR                 W
___ Sora                                  cSR                 W
___ Purple gallinule                      rSR                 W
___ Common moorhen                        uSR                 W

LOONS                                  OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Common loon                           uWV                 W

___ White pelican                         cM                  W
___ Double-crested cormorant              cPR                 W
___ Anhinga                               rSR                 W

GREBES                                 OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Pied-billed grebe                     cPR                 W
___ Horned grebe                          uWV                 W
___ Eared grebe                           cWV                 W

SHOREBIRDS                             OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Killdeer                              cPR                 PW
___ American woodcock                     uPR                 FW
___ Common snipe                          cWV                 W
___ Black-bellied plover                  uM                  PW
___ Lesser-golden plover                  uM                  PW
___ Semipalmated plover                   cM                  W
___ Wilson's phalarope                    cM                  W
___ Stilt sandpiper                       cM                  W
___ Pectoral sandpiper                    cM                  W
___ Baird's sandpiper                     cM                  W
___ Least sandpiper                       cWV                 W
___ White-rumped sandpiper                cM                  W
___ Solitary sandpiper                    cM                  W
___ Spotted sandpiper                     cSR                 W
___ Semipalmated sandpiper                cM                  W
___ Western sandpiper                     cM                  W
___ Long-billed dowitcher                 cM                  W
___ Greater yellowlegs                    cM                  W
___ Lesser yellowlegs                     cM                  W
___ Hudsonian godwit                      uM                  W
___ Marbled godwit                        uM                  W
___ American avocet                       uM                  W
___ Willet                                uM                  W
___ Dunlin                                uM                  W

GULLS & TERNS                          OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Franklin's gull                       cM                  W
___ Ring-billed gull                      cWV                 W
___ Caspian tern                          uM                  W
___ Forster's tern                        cM                  W
___ Least tern                            uM                  W
___ Black tern                            cM                  W

PIGEONS & DOVES                        OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Mourning dove                         cPR                FPB
___ Rock dove                             cPR                 -

KINGFISHERS                            OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Belted Kingfisher                     cPR                 W

OWLS                                   OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Barn owl                              uPR                 F
___ Eastern screech owl                   cPR                 F
___ Great horned owl                      cPR                 FP
___ Barred owl                            cPR                 F
___ Long-eared owl                        rPR                 F
___ Short-eared owl                       uWV                 P

___ Black-billed cuckoo                   rSR                 F
___ Yellow-billed cuckoo                  cSR                 FB
___ Greater Roadrunner                    cPR                 PBF

GOATSUCKERS                            OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Chuck-will's-widow                    cSR                 F
___ Common poorwill                       uSR                 PB
___ Common nighthawk                      cSR                 -

SWIFTS                                 OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Chimney swift                         cSR                 -

HUMMINGBIRDS                           OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Ruby-throated hummingbird             cSR                 -
___ Black-chinned hummingbird             rSR                 B

WOODPECKERS                            OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Red-headed woodpecker                 cPR                 F
___ Red-bellied woodpecker                cPR                 F
___ Yellow-bellied sapsucker              uWV                 F
___ Ladder-backed woodpecker              uPR                 FB
___ Hairy woodpecker                      cPR                 FB
___ Downy woodpecker                      cPR                 FB
___ Flicker                               cPR                 F
___ Pileated woodpecker                   uPR                 F

FLYCATCHERS                            OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Scissor-tailed flycatcher             cSR                 PB
___ Great-crested flycatcher              cSR                 F
___ Acadian flycatcher                    cSR                 FW
___ Least flycatcher                      cM                  F
___ Olive-sided flycatcher                uM                  F
___ Eastern kingbird                      cSR                 WFB
___ Western kingbird                      cSR                 PB
___ Eastern phoebe                        cPR                 FW
___ Eastern wood pewee                    cSR                 F

LARKS                                  OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Horned lark                           cPR                 P

SWALLOWS                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Bank swallow                          uSR                 W
___ Barn swallow                          cSR                 WP
___ Tree swallow                          uM                  WP
___ Cliff swallow                         cSR                 WP
___ Rough-winged swallow                  cSR                 W
___ Purple martin                         aSR                 PW

JAYS & CROWS                           OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Blue jay                              cPR                 -
___ American crow                         cPR                 -

___ Carolina chickadee                    aPR                 FB
___ Tufted titmouse                       aPR                 FB

___ White-breasted nuthatch               cPR                 F
___ Red-breasted nuthatch                 uWV                 F
___ Brown creeper                         cWV                 F

WRENS                                  OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ House wren                            cPR                 FW
___ Carolina wren                         cPR                 F
___ Winter wren                           uWV                 FW
___ Bewick's wren                         cPR                 F
___ Rock wren                             cPR                 B
___ Sedge wren                            uWV                 WP
___ Marsh wren                            uWV                 W

___ Mockingbird                           cPR                 FB
___ Gray catbird                          cSR                 F
___ Brown thrasher                        cPR                 FB
___ Sage thrasher                         uWV                 B

___ American Robin                        cPR                 FB
___ Wood thrush                           uSR                 WF
___ Swainson's thrush                     cM                  F
___ Gray-cheeked thrush                   uM                  F
___ Hermit thrush                         uWV                 F
___ Townsend's solitaire                  uWV                 F
___ Veery                                 rM                  F
___ Eastern bluebird                      cPR                 FB

PIPITS                                 OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ American pipit                        cWV                 WP
___ Sprague's pipit                       cWV                 WP

___ Blue-gray gnatcatcher                 cSR                 F
___ Golden-crowned kinglet                uWV                 F
___ Ruby-crowned kinglet                  cWV                 F

WAXWINGS                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Cedar waxwing                         cWV                 FB

SHRIKES                                OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Loggerhead shrike                     cPR                 PB

STARLINGS                              OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ European starling                     cPR                 -

VIREOS                                 OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Black-capped vireo                    rSR                 B
___ White-eyed vireo                      cSR                 FB
___ Solitary vireo                        uM                  F
___ Bell's vireo                          cSR                 B
___ Red-eyed vireo                        cSR                 F
___ Warbling vireo                        cSR                 F

WARBLERS                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Black-and-white warbler               cSR                 F
___ Prothonotary warbler                  cSR                 WF
___ Nashville warbler                     cM                  F
___ Northern parula                       cSR                 F
___ Yellow warbler                        cSR                 F
___ Yellow-rumped warbler                 cWV                 F
___ Yellow-throated warbler               uSR                 F
___ Blackpoll warbler                     uM                  F
___ Chesnut-sided warbler                 uM                  F
___ Orange-crowned warbler                cWV                 F
___ Tennessee warbler                     cM                  F
___ Black-throated green warbler          uM                  F
___ Wilson's warbler                      cM                  W
___ Worm-eating warbler                   rSR                 RW
___ Prairie warbler                       cSR                 F
___ Hooded warbler                        uSR                 RWB
___ Canada warbler                        rM                  F
___ Kentucky warbler                      cSR                 WF
___ American redstart                     uSR                 F
___ Ovenbird                              uSR                 F
___ Northern waterthrush                  uM                  WF
___ Louisiana waterthrush                 cSR                 WF
___ Common yellowthroat                   cSR                 W
___ Yellow-breasted chat                  cSR                 WFB

___ Bobolink                              uM                  P
___ Red-winged blackbird                  cPR                 WB
___ Yellow-headed blackbird               uSR                 WPB
___ Rusty blackbird                       uWV                 FW
___ Brewer's blackbird                    cWV                 FW
___ Great-tailed grackle                  cPR                 FW
___ Common grackle                        cPR                 FW
___ Brown-headed cowbird                  cPR                 FBP
___ Eastern meadowlark                    cPR                 PB
___ Western meadowlark                    cPR                 PB
___ Orchard oriole                        cSR                 F
___ Northern oriole                       cSR                 F

TANAGERS                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Summer tanager                        cSR                 F
___ Scarlet tanager                       uSR                 F

& TOWHEES                              OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Cardinal                              cPr                 FB
___ Rose-breasted grosbeak                uSR                 F
___ Blue grosbeak                         cSR                 FB
___ Indigo bunting                        cSR                 F
___ Painted bunting                       cSR                 FB
___ Dicksissel                            cSR                 BP
___ Rufous-sided towhee                   cWV                 FB

FINCHES & SISKINS                      OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ Purple finch                          cWV                 FB
___ Pine siskin                           cWV                 FB
___ American goldfinch                    cPR                 FB

SPARROWS                               OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ American tree sparrow                 cWV                 F
___ Chipping sparrow                      cPR                 F
___ Clay-colored sparrow                  cM                  B
___ Field sparrow                         cPR                 BP
___ Vesper sparrow                        cWV                 BP
___ Lark sparrow                          cSR                 BP
___ Savannah sparrow                      cWV                 BP
___ Grasshopper sparrow                   cSR                 BP
___ LeConte's sparrow                     cWV                 BP
___ Sharp-tailed sparrow                  rM                  W
___ Fox sparrow                           uWV                 F
___ Song sparrow                          cWV                 FBW
___ Lincoln's sparrow                     cWV                 FB
___ Swamp sparrow                         uWV                 WF
___ White-throated sparrow                uWV                 FB
___ White-crowned sparrow                 cWV                 FB
___ Harris' sparrow                       cWV                 FB
___ Dark-eyed junco                       cWV                 FB
___ McCown's longspur                     uWV                 P
___ Lapland longspur                      cWV                 P
___ Chestnut-collared longspur            cWV                 P
___ Rufous-sided sparrow                  cPR                 B

WEAVER FINCHES                         OCCURRENCE          HABITAT
___ House sparrow                         cPR                 -


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This resource is based on the following source: National Park Service. 1990. A checklist of the birds of Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Southwest Parks and Monuments Association. Unpaginated.

Revised October 2009

Last updated: March 30, 2019

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