Given the high integrity of the Platt Historic District, the desire to depict the continuing evolution of the property over time, and the need to retain the districts’ extant historic fabric, the overall proposed treatment for the district is preservation.

The basic goals of any preservation treatment plan are to retain historic character and features; to mitigate negative change and deterioration where possible; to prevent future negative change, and to address the range of management issues affecting the property. In other words, preservation treatment is “not conducted in a vacuum,” and must consider a property’s financial resources, management capabilities, and proposed uses as well as its integrity, significance, and level of historic documentation.

The Platt Historic District is also guided by the National Park Service’s long-standing traditions and philosophies regarding the stewardship of natural and cultural resources. More specifically, the management of the Platt District is also guided by the park’s 1902 enabling legislation, which specifically calls for the “proper utilization and control” of the area’s springs and creeks.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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