Weddings at Cedar Breaks

Special Use Permit (SUP) Wedding Application Process

A Special Use Permit is required for any ceremony in the park. Follow the guidelines outlined here to ensure that your Special Use Permit is in place in time for your special occasion. For a simple ceremony in a pre-approved area, the application and its fee must be received at least ten business days prior to the requested date. All special use events and activities to be held in the park require the submission of an application and fee at least three weeks in advance. Until a Special Use Permit is approved and issued, the requested date and location cannot be guaranteed.

How to Apply for a Special Use Permit (SUP)

Step 1: Download the General Use Application Form
Step 2: Pay the fee applicable to your application Electronically through Zion National Parks account. (Processing fees begin at $100.00 details are found within the application paperwork.)
Step 3: e-mail us the completed application form.
Step 4: If your request is approved, a permit containing applicable terms and conditions will be sent you. The permit must be signed by the responsible person and returned to the park for final approval by the Park Superintendent before the permitted activity begins.

Application Fees
Your application fee covers the initial two hours spent on your application, including administrative costs incurred to communicate with applicant, park staff, wedding coordinator, etc. Additional fees will be incurred for any additional time necessary at the rate of $50 per hour. Monitoring fees of $50 per hour, per monitor (including travel time to permit location) may also be incurred, depending on location and complexity. Monitors are typically required for any approved wedding permit that is complex in nature, is of a large group size or is held in a location where there is a concern of impacts to visitors or resources.

Please read the following paragraphs for location information and permit conditions before submitting your permit application. For additional information, you may contact the Special Park Use Office at 435-772-0210.

The location you choose may depend on the size of your group - or vice versa. No wedding permits will be approved for any group larger than 30 persons, and some sites have further restrictions. Permits will not be approved for any other area than those described below. Also, keep in mind that these are public areas and the park will not exclude or allow you to exclude other park visitors from the site during your ceremony.

  • North View Overlook can accommodate up to 30 participants.
  • Chessman Ridge Overlook can accommodate up to 10 participants.
  • Point Supreme can accommodate up to 30 participants.
  • Spectra Point can accommodate up to 10 participants.
  • End of Ramparts Trail up to 10 participants. 4 mile strenuous hike roundtrip to this location.
  • Campground Amphitheater up to 30 participants.

Common Terms & Conditions
for Wedding Held at Cedar Breaks NM

  1. This permit does not guarantee exclusive use of an area. The area will remain open to the public during park visiting hours. Permit activities will not unduly interfere with other park visitors' use and enjoyment of the area. Visitors will be allowed to watch the wedding ceremony and activities.
  2. Activities will be spot checked by NPS personnel for compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit and to ensure that no resource damage is occurring.
  3. Foot travel will be restricted to established roadways and identified permitted trails.
  4. No physical changes may be made to environment.
  5. Any decorations will need prior approval.
  6. Throwing of confetti, rice, birdseed and similar items is prohibited.
  7. Releasing birds, butterflies, or other animals is prohibited.
  8. Access to visitors may not be blocked or impeded by wedding activities. Use may be monitored for compliance.
  9. Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.
  10. Any trash must be removed from the area at the completion of the event.
  11. No public address system or amplified music is permitted: (Re: 36CFR 2.12). Noise levels must not exceed normal speaking volumes.
  12. Open fires are allowed only in designated sites.
  13. Compliance with all terms and conditions of the National Park Service Special Use
  14. Permit and any additional instructions required by the NPS is mandatory.
  15. Electrical power will not be furnished nor will generators be allowed.
  16. Erecting of banners, signs, etc. is prohibited.
  17. Food service is prohibited (except at designated picnic/camping areas).
  18. A separate Commercial Photography Permit may be required depending on the complexity of the project.
  19. Visitors entering the park for the wedding are subject to the entrance fees.
  20. Commercial vehicles are subject to the standard commercial entrance fees.
  21. Chairs are not permitted at Ramparts or Spectra Point.
  22. Live plants and/or flower arrangements are permitted provided that neither live plant or flower arrangements contain any seed pods whether dried or live.
  23. Do not approach condors closer than 150 feet. Do not approach other wildlife closer than 25 feet.

Last updated: December 27, 2017

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