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Folsom Museum
Folsom Museum
Located 7 miles north of Capulin Volcano along Hwy 325, the Folsom Museum educates visitors on the ranching and geologic history of northeastern New Mexico as well as the Folsom site archaeological discovery. It's open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

State Parks

Surgarite Canyon State Park in fall

Sugarite Canyon State Park
Located about 34 miles west of Capulin Volcano near the town of Raton, Sugarite Canyon has 20 miles of hiking trails, two campgrounds, picnic areas, and two lakes as well as a visitor center with exhibits on the mining history of the area.

Clayton Lake State Park in summer

Clayton Lake State Park and Dinosaur Trackways
Located around 69 miles east of Capulin Volcano near the town of Clayton, Clayton Lake has five campgrounds, picnic areas, a visitor center, and trails to one of the premier dinosaur trackways in the United States.


National Parks

Fort Union National Monument
Fort Union National Monument
Located about 126 miles south of Capulin Volcano, Fort Union protects the remains of the largest 19th century territorial-style adobe military fort in the region. A major stop along the Santa Fe Trail, Fort Union operated for forty years from 1851 to 1891.
Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site
Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site
Located about 132 miles north of Capulin Volcano, Bent's Old Fort is a reconstructed 1840s adobe fur trading post on the Santa Fe Trail with living historians to interpret its history.
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Located about 169 miles to the northwest of Capulin Volcano, Great Sand Dunes is home to the tallest dunes in North America and a variety of diverse ecosystems from grasslands and wetlands to tundra.
The Battle of Glorieta Pass
Pecos National Historical Park
Located about 180 miles to the southwest of Capulin Volcano, Pecos is a cultural crossroads, home to the Pecos Pueblo, a Spanish mission, a stop along the Santa Fe Trail, and the Battle of Glorieta Pass, which was a major battle in the west during the Civil War.
Amache National Historic Site
Amache National Historic Site
Located about 181 miles northeast of Capulin Volcano, Amache is the newest designated National Park site. Also known as Granada Relocation Center, it was one of ten incarceration sites established by the War Relocation Authority during World War II to unjustly incarcerate Japanese Americans.
Sign at Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Located about 201 miles to the northeast of Capulin Volcano, Sand Creek Massacre tells the story of November 29, 1864, and the chaotic, horrific, tumultuous, and bloody events that changed the course of history when 675 cavalrymen descended on the camps of Chiefs Black Kettle, White Antelope, and Left Hand.

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