The Move

Q. When was the lighthouse moved and why?
The lighthouse was moved in June 17, 1999 - July 9, 1999 due to beach erosion and concerns for the “floating foundation.”

Q. How was this move done?
The lighthouse was moved using horizontally mounted hydraulic jacks which pushed the tower along a track system in 5-foot increments. After the tower was pushed approximately 5 feet, the jacks were retracted and reset along the grid beams.

Q.How much did it cost to move?
The cost was 11.8 million dollars

Q. How far did they move the lighthouse?
2,900 feet

Q. How long did it take to move the light house?
It took 23 days to move the lighthouse but it took over a year of preparation.

Q. How far back from the ocean does it set?

It was set back approximately 1,500 feet from the shoreline.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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