Daily Life Within the Walls

artist conception of compound A in ancient times
Robert Ciaccio artwork, part of the wayside image

Commissioned art with restricted use

The open spaces behind you and to your right are called plazas. Here you might have watched food preparations, pottery making, spinning, weaving, basket making, and other chores. In winter, people worked out in the open plazas where the sun could warm them. In summer, they sought shade alongside buildings or worked under breezy ramadas —open-weave, wood-and-brush overhead shelters. People used the rooms here in the compound for family sleeping quarters, storage, and ceremonies. You could pass into some rooms through doors in the walls. Others you could only enter from a rooftop hatch by climbing ladders.

Artisans in the Making

Children as young as six years old helped make articles that the community needed—like this ceramic scoop used to serve food. While girls here learned to make pottery, spin, and weave, boys worked on stone and wooden tools for farming and weapons for hunting.

Inside these walls are 92,400 square feet, about the size of two football fields.

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