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There is NO Hohokam Pima National Monument site to visit. It may be administratively designated, but there are no signs, facilities, roads, cancellation stamps, brochures, features, displays, or other markers in place. The grounds are on American Indian lands and not open for casual visits.


Things to See and Do in Nearby Towns
These links are provided for general information and do not imply a recommendation or referral from Casa Grande Ruins. This list is not all inclusive and you will want to evaluate your own transportation, time, and interests for all options.

Coolidge official website for events and happenings

Official City Website for events
McFarland State Historical Park
Pinal County Historical Society Museum
Saint Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery

Casa Grande
Official City Website for events
Francisco Grande Golf Course

Official City Website for events
Skydiving and/or Indoor Wind Tunnel


Hohokam Culture Sites

Mesa, Arizona
Mesa Grande Ruins (Arizona Museum of Natural History)

Phoenix, Arizona
Pueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park

Tempe, Arizona
Papago Park
Hayden Butte Preserve

Tucson, Arizona
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area

Arizona State Parks
Catalina State Park (near Tucson)


Other Public Lands

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