American Indian Arts (and Music) Fest

The 2016 American Indian Arts (and Music) Festival was lots of fun

This festive event celebrated the connection and continuity of prehistoric and current American Indian cultures through music and other arts. Visitors experienced a blend of prehistoric and modern Native American instruments, music and dance; they also observed American Indian crafters and artisans engaged in the production of traditional and contemporary cultural items (available for purchase). Authentic American Indian foods provided a tasty accompaniment to the rhythms of the past and the present.

The Arts Fest was Saturday, November 19, 2016.

A few changes to the Festival include:
-2016 Fest was fee free! No entrance fee charged at the park that day.
-Pets were NOT invited to the Festival. The amount of people attending as well as the already stressed park resources had led to this request.
-The 2016 Fest was in November rather than past year's offerings in February.
-The 2016 Fest was one day only, not an entire weekend.


Last updated: March 10, 2017

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