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The park store is operated by Western National Parks Association, an official non-profit partner of the National Park Service dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The park store has a wide range of books, educational games, travel guides and other items available for retail sale. These products complement the interpretive themes you experience when visiting the park.

A variety of national park gift items

The park store is located in the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument visitor center, or you can visit the online park store National Park Gifts, Books & Collectibles Shop | Western National Parks Store (

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the association was originally founded at Casa Grande Ruins in 1938. Donations to the National Park Service now exceed $4 million annually, thanks to sales at the Western National Parks Association bookstores.


Books about Casa Grande Ruins National Monument of particular interest might include:

Ancient Dwellings of the Southwest by Derek Gallagher, Illustrator: Sally Blakemore,
Publisher: Western National Parks Association, ISBN: 9781583690482
The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona by Jefferson Reid and Stephanie Whittlesey
Publisher: The University of Arizona Press, ISBN 9780816517091
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument by Rose Houk,
Publisher: Western National Parks Association, ISBN: 9781877856716
The Hohokam Millennium edited by Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish
Publisher: School for Advanced Research Press, ISBN: 9781930618817
Images of America Coolidge by Ralph A. Swain
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing, ISBN: 9781467133852
Kino A Legacy by Charles W. Polzer, S.J.
Publisher: Jesuit Fathers of Southern Arizona, ISBN: 9780966156201
A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert edited by Steven J. Phillips and Patricia Wentworth Comus
Publisher: Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum Press, ISBN: 9780520219809
Emil W. Haury's Prehistory of the American Southwest
Publisher: The University of Arizona Press, ISBN: 9780816513130
Native Spirit Song Book by Odell Borg, Publisher: High Spirits
Sundipped Memories of Frank Pinkley
Publisher: The University of Arizona Press, ISBN: 9780972127402
Saguaro the Desert Giant by Anna Humphreys and Susan Lowell
Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers, ISBN: 9781887896306

Native American pottery, flutes, basketry
Native American pottery, flutes, and basketry


The bookstore has much more than books. Mata Ortiz pottery, Native American style flutes, and Tohono O'odham baskets and pottery are some of the special items sold.

There are passport books, t-shirts, magnets, keyrings, postcards, videos, stuffed animals, puzzles, board games, cactus candies and jellys, and tepary beans to name just a few other treasures. All sales items are related to the park story and are sold without sales tax.

The selection changes often, so come on by and check us out.

Last updated: March 11, 2021

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