Regional Director Concurs with Finding of No Significant Impact for Herring Cove Beach Electrical Supply and Marconi Area Facilities Improvements Selected Alternatives

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Date: July 2, 2008

Cape Cod National Seashore Superintendent (CCNS) George E. Price, Jr. and his staff have selected management alternatives from those presented in two recently completed Environmental Assessments (EAs): Electrical Supply for Herring Cove Beach Facilities and Marconi Area Facilities Improvements. The Regional Director concurred on July 1, 2008 with the CCNS Finding of No Significant Impact for the Selected Alternatives from these EAs.


The selection of alternatives is being made after public and interagency review and comment, careful consideration of environmental effects, legislative mandates, applicable regulations, and National Park Service (NPS) policy.


Under the Selected Alternative for the Herring Cove project, a combined small-scale land-based 7.5 kW wind turbine and 2.64 kW solar photovoltaic system would be installed. The purpose of the Herring Cove project is to remedy the ongoing deterioration of the electrical supply to Herring Cove in a manner that maximizes use of renewable and non-greenhouse gas producing technologies. The present underground electrical supply line was installed over 30 years ago and has deteriorated to the point that electric service is frequently interrupted from failures in the line.


The Marconi Area Facilities Improvements include four facility construction improvements in and near the Marconi Headquarters and maintenance facilities in South Wellfleet, MA (commonly known as the Marconi Area).


These projects were considered in a single EA to facilitate an integrated assessment of effects to the Marconi Area:


Helipad Improvement: The NPS Selected Alternative is to improve the helicopter landing site (helipad) in the easternmost portion of the Marconi Headquarters rear employee parking lot at Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS). Helipad improvements will be based on the Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG). IHOG is based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for heliport design.


Hydrant Extension: The NPS Selected Alternative is to construct a waterline extension from the current water system to a proposed hydrant to be located near the State Highway Route 6 and Marconi Beach Road intersection (located just outside of the park boundary). The CCNS water source is located at the end of Marconi Residence Road in South Wellfleet. The extension will cover a distance of 700 feet. This project is being undertaken with the support of the Wellfleet Fire Department, and enhances fire management capabilities of the town and the seashore.


Transit Shelter Construction: The NPS Selected Alternative is to site and construct a transit bus stop and shelter for the Outer Cape public transportation system (FLEX Bus). The shelter and associated paving will provide a shelter to the weather for riders and be a focal point for drop-off and pick-up of mass transit users in South Wellfleet.


Fire Cache Construction: The NPS Selected Alternative is to construct a new fire cache garage - next to existing facilities at the Marconi maintenance area. The existing facilities are inadequate to support the fire management program. The new facility will have dedicated storage space and will consolidate all fire vehicles and fire equipment in one building thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the fire management program.


Copies of the Environmental Assessments and the Findings of No Significant Impact are available at local libraries, the two park visitor centers, and can be accessed online at: or the park’s website at


For more information or questions, contact the Superintendent, Cape Cod National Seashore, 99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, 02667. Telephone: (508) 349-3785, Fax: (508) 349-9052 or email at

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