The overlooks on the South and North Rim Drives or hiking the White House Trail do not require a guide nor a backcountry permit.

To protect the park's natural and cultural resources while respecting the privacy of canyon residents, access into the backcountry areas of the park require an authorized guide and backcountry permit.

Backcountry permits are available free of charge from the Visitor Center during regular business hours only. Prior arrangements are required to obtain a permit during regular business hours for early morning or late evening tours.


No at large camping is permitted in the park. Camping is allowed only in the desginated campgrounds.

In addition to hiring an authorized guide and obtaining a backcountry permit, overnight backcountry camping requires the following to be submitted to the park: detailed itinerary, list of participants, emergency contact information, and landowner's written permission.


In addition to hiring an authorized guide and obtaining a backcountry permit, horseback tours using private livestock requires additional information to be submitted to the park. Horses coming from outside the Navajo Nation are required to have a series of vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations is required in order to protect local livestock from the spread of disease.

These measures will ensure minimal impact on the environment, the safety of visitors, and the privacy of canyon residents.


Most special events held in the park require a Special Use Permit, issued only after the park determines that the activity will not cause derogation of the park's resources or values, visitor experiences, or the purpose for which the park was established.

Events such as commercial filming and photography, weddings, and large group events may be charged adminstrative fees and may require liability insurance.

Please CAREFULLY read the information and submit a complete application packet including a detailed project summary to the park well in advance so the park has time to review and make a determination.


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