Orange-crowned Warbler

A yellow green bird looks left and sits on a branch. It is surrounded by long thin green branch stems. The bird has a metal band on the left leg.

NPS Photo

Orange-crowned Warbler (Leiothlypis celata)

Length 4.3-5.5" Wingspan 7.5"
Fairly plain yellowish or olive—more yellow on the Pacific coast and grayer, particularly on the head, farther east. Have a thin white or yellow stripe over the eye, a blackish line through the eye, and a pale partial eyering. The namesake orange crown patch is rarely seen, but may become visible when the bird raises its head feathers in excitement or agitation. The undertail coverts are bright yellow and are often the brightest part of the plumage.

Fun Fact!
Males of this species have an orange crown (feathers on the top of their head) that they flash in warning or during mating rituals.

True to its name, the males of this species “warble” a song of clear and sweet notes that trill either up or down in pitch at the end like chee-chee-chee-chew-chew.


Last updated: August 29, 2020

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