Invasive Plant Species

Russian Thistle

Invasive plants are plants that have been brought into the park either purposefully (as ornamentals) or accidentally (tracked in on boots, car tires, etc.). Invasive plants are non-native plants that have done exceptionally well in their new environment; so well in fact that they have rapidly spread and have begun to out-compete the native plant populations. This is the reason we work so hard to remove them from the park. If allowed to grow and reproduce unchecked, they could quickly use up all the available resources that our native plants need.

Aside from outcompeting our native plants, invasives can also lead to increased fire frequency (as is the case with many European grass invasions), they can remove valuable food sources from native animals, and they can facilitate the invasion of other non-native plants.

With our Centennial Initiative to be “Weed Free by 2016” Cabrillo volunteers are hard at work removing invasive species throughout the park.

Last updated: January 4, 2016

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