The Fusion of Nature and Technology (Week 1 Re-cap)

June 24, 2017 Posted by: Nicole Ornelas
Photo of girls at EcoLogikNPS Photo - N. Ornelas

EcoLogik has begun! Ecologik is a 2.5 week full immersion program that fuses nature and technology. This program seeks to connect young women to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) opportunities. We invited 25 students, ages 9 to 15, to join us this summer to learn how to collect data, make biomodels, 3D print, computer program and much more.

Photo of girls at EcoLogikNPS Photo - N. Ornelas

In one week’s time, these young scientists became acquainted with the National Park Service and developed their own opinion of what it truly means to be a “scientist”. Through the power of science communication, these students teamed up to create 13 different 1-3 minute videos on the rocky intertidal using the video editing software, iMovie. After getting familiar with the term ocean acidification as a byproduct of climate change, these young scientists realized the importance of long-term monitoring through hands-on data collection. These young scientists then brought the rocky intertidal indoors by creating 3D printed octopus biomodels. To finish off the week, these students got up close and personal with the natural world at Cabrillo National Monument. They learned personally from a nature photographer that with each beautiful form in nature comes an evolutionary function. It is hard to believe how much they have absorbed in only a week.
Now let’s see what we can accomplish in two weeks!

Photo of girls at EcoLogikNPS Photo - N. Ornelas

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Last updated: June 24, 2017

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