Miniblitz: Connecting Students to Science

November 06, 2016 Posted by: Alex Warneke

In preparation for the 2016 National Parks Centennial Bioblitzes occurring around the country this week (May 16-22nd, 2016), the science education staff at Cabrillo National Monument hosted a “MiniBlitz” in our local community. Staff members were excited to collaborate with four – 4th and 5th grade classrooms at the local elementary schools, High Tech Elementary and Explorer Elementary. 

Kids participating in Mini-BioBlitz

Watching videos by renowned ecologist, E.O. Wilson, and our National Geographic partners, over 125 students were introduced to the concept of biodiversity and why it matters to them. Followed by a brief overview of citizen science and the data management app, iNaturalist, all classes grabbed their mobile devices and trekked to the park right behind their school. Cabrillo Staff demonstrated how our young explorers should participate - looking closely at the plants and animals, close enough to see what they would have missed by just walking through.

For over an hour, students were actively engaged in nature found in their school’s backyard. Students worked together in teams and were excited to get out of their classrooms and explore. Making approximately 500 observations, students discovered small ants, native and invasive plant species, aquatic animals, and more! Science fun was had by all!

Kids participating in Mini BioBlitz

These students and many others will be joining us again on May 21st, 2016 for the Cabrillo Urban Island Bioblitz. Students are excited to share their knowledge with their parents and survey the park with scientists and experts from all over San Diego County. In accordance with the 2016 Centennial Call-to-Action Cabrillo is proud to connect kids to their park and inspire the next generation of explorers and stewards.

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