Swamp Canyon Trail

Swamp Canyon Sheep Trail
Swamp Canyon Sheep Trail on a sunny day.

Photographed by Brian B. Roanhorse 5 September, 2013.

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Swamp Canyon appears relatively small and sheltered from the overlook, bounded on both sides by fins and hoodoos. This size allows the viewer to develop a more intimate connection with the landscape than some of the grander viewpoints may provide.

From the Swamp Canyon overlook, hikers can descend to either side of the prominence on a trail that will connect with the Under the Rim Trail and then return on the other side, making a loop. We recommend going clockwise.

Though a moderate hike, this trail can be difficult if not prepared. Please carry plenty of water, snacks and appropriate wilderness trek items.

  • Good map/land navigation skills is recommended.
  • Wilderness area, you will encounter wildlife i.e. bees, wasp, deer and maybe bears, mountain lions.
  • Stay on the trail. Some areas of the trail are recovering from past fires.
  • Lots of flowering plants and plenty of bees in spring and summer. Stay on Trail.
  • Trail is considered part of the Under the Rim Trail there may be down trees and washed-out trails.
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Topographical image of Swamp Canyon Trail (marked in red)
Topographical image of the Swamp Canyon Trail (marked in red)


Elevation Profile of the Swamp Canyon Trail

Total Distance:

4.3 miles
7.16 km


800 feet
244 m


800 feet
244 m


7431/8059 feet
2265/2456 m

Last updated: October 19, 2020

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