Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail

Peekaboo connecting trail from Bryce Point.
Peek-A-Boo connecting trail from Bryce Point.

Photographed by Brian B. Roanhorse 9 July, 2015.

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The Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail begins at Bryce Point and drops quickly to the canyon floor. This hike is listed as a strenuous hike due to the rapid elevation change and the length.

Hikers will encounter horse/mule riders on this trail. Please be courteous when meeting these trail rides and give them right-of-way.

Restroom facilities at the bottom are shared by hikers and trail riders.

  • Carry plenty of water, bring snacks and sports drink.
  • Foot traction devices are advised in winter.
  • Sunscreen is advised.
  • Ankle injuries are high on this hike. Wear proper shoes.
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Topographical Image of Peek-A-Boo Trail
Topographical image of Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail (marked in red)


Elevation Profile of Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail

Total Distance:

5.5 miles
8.85 km


1555 feet
473 m


1555 feet
473 m


7426/8309 feet
2263/2532 m

Last updated: September 21, 2021

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