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No reservations are required to enter Bryce Canyon, but whether you arrive by car, shuttle bus, bicycle, or on foot, park entrance fees will apply. These park entrance fees help support improvement projects and staff to improve your visitor experience. Digital Passes provide a flexible way to pay your entrance fee, support Bryce Canyon, and get you into the park faster.

Why a Digital Pass?

Historically, park passes could only be purchased at the entrance station near the Visitor Center. This worked well for vehicles, but lines of cars purchasing passes can be long. Meanwhile those entering on a bicycle, on foot, or boarding the shuttle outside the park needed a better option to purchase their park pass.


Purchase a Digital Pass in Four Easy Steps

  1. Click "Purchase Passes below" or visit

  2. Choose your pass type. Most visitors will select a Vehicle Pass, as it not only covers you and the occupants of your non-commercial vehicle (up to 15 passengers) to enter the park, but grants this same group unlimited use of the park shuttle.
  3. Enter your payment information. You can choose to check out as a guest, or to create an account.
  4. Your pass will be delivered as a PDF to your device via e-mail. Simply present your pass when entering the park or when boarding the shuttle outside the park.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Any America the Beautiful Pass (Annual, Access, Senior, or Military) grants you and your vehicle occupants access to the park and use of the park shuttle. 

Yes. Valid, unexpired Digital Passes can be upgraded to America the Beautiful Passes (Annual, Senior, Military, Access) at any Bryce Canyon entrance stations or at any other park that accepts Digital Passes. 

You can select any date from the current day to any day in the future for your pass to become active. 

Vehicle, Individual, and Motorcycle passes are good for 7 days from the pass’ effective date. Bryce Canyon Annual passes are valid for 12 months from the pass’ effective date. 

No. But you can upgrade. Like a pass purchased at the entrance station, entrance passes specific to Bryce Canyon (Vehicle, Individual, Motorcycle) are only valid at Bryce Canyon. If you plan to visit at least three national parks this year, we recommend purchasing the $80 America the Beautiful Annual Pass for unlimited access to all federal recreation fee areas (includes all national parks). 

You’ll need an internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular data to purchase your pass, but once it’s saved to your device you’re good to go. Cell signal is good for most carriers near the park entrance, but we suggest purchasing your pass before you arrive. 

Most visitors will select a Vehicle Pass. This grants you and the occupants of your non-commercial vehicle (up to 15 passengers) to enter the park as well as use of the park shuttle for that same vehicle group. Individual, Motorcycle, and Bryce Canyon Annual Passes also grant use of the park shuttle. 

That’s fine. Simply select “Rental Car” from the Vehicle Type drop-down menu. 

On mobile devices, an extra space is sometimes added before or after your email address. Check to be sure this hasn’t happened. Delete any spaces you find. 

Yes. Maps and newspapers are available at the Shuttle Station, Ruby’s Inn Activity Desk, Park entrance stations, and the Visitor Center. 

No reservations are needed to enter the park, but park admission fees apply. 

Out of the 423 units in the National Park Service (NPS), 108 parks charge an entrance fee. The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) allows the NPS to collect and retain revenue and requires that fee revenue be used to enhance the visitor experience. At least 80 percent of the money stays in the park where it is collected, and the other 20 percent is used to benefit parks that do not collect fees.  

The NPS is authorized to use entrance and recreation fees for a variety of items related to your experience, such as facility and amenity maintenance, habitat restoration, and park staff. 

Last updated: April 8, 2022

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