Birds of Bryce
Birds are feathered vertebrates, most having flight capability, that reproduce from hard-shelled eggs. While everybody knows what a bird is, few think of Bryce Canyon when they think about birds. Nevertheless, 175 different species of birds have been documented to frequent Bryce Canyon National Park. Some are just passing through. Others stay for an entire season. Fewer still make this their year-round home. Here are a few you might see in the park:

At any rate, during any season, you can come to Bryce to see some of your favorite birds or perhaps spy a species you've never seen before. In this section of the website, you can learn more about some of the more common and interesting of Bryce Canyon's Birds.


Bird Count List

Check out the park's Bird Count List (PDF 1.93 MB)


Bryce Canyon's Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Watching birds is fun and one of America's most popular outdoor activities. No experience is necessary and new participants will be teamed with experienced birders. Be a citizen scientist and help researchers assess the health of bird populations and help guide future conservation action. Join us for the next Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

Bird collage 2016
Northern Goshawk, Merian's Turkeys, Robin and a Raven.

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