IslandCache Program

Welcome to the IslandCache Program! This activity will guide you to some of the park’s significant cultural, historical and natural resources. Using your own Global Positioning System (GPS) unit and clues provided by the IslandCache Site Sheets, you can guide yourself to one or all of the sites. To make your visit a memorable—and educational—experience, please read the guidelines and suggestions below.

Please note that geocaching with traditional physical caches is not permitted in the park.
What You Need to Participate
  • GPS unit
  • Site Sheets
  • Map of the islands
  • Paper and pen
  • Compass (Optional, but may be useful)
How the IslandCache Program Works
  1. Begin the program by downloading the Site Sheets below onto your personal computer or, if capable, directly to your GPS unit.
  2. The first site is located at the bronze map in front of the Boston Harbor Islands Discovery Center at the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse. The coordinates are: N 42º 21.261’ W 071º 02.879’.
  3. From here, use the clues found at the bottom of the Site Sheet to guide you to the next site.
Things to Know about IslandCaching
  1. Use the coordinates and clues found at the bottom of each Site Sheet to identify the specific locations for the sites. The IslandCache Program uses North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). If you are attempting to complete the program without a GPS unit, you will have to use the clues from the Site Sheets to indicate the approximate location of the next site.
  2. The IslandCache Program is entirely virtual and supports the practice of Leave No Trace. Please do not endanger park resources or visitor safety by burying or hiding any physical caches within the park’s borders.
  3. This program requires the use of the park's ferry and interisland shuttles, which operate seasonally from early-May to late-October. Check the ferry schedule to coordinate your trip to the islands.
  4. Depending upon the sites you choose to explore and the amount of time you spend at each site, the estimated time to complete the program is one to eight hours.
  5. Though there is no fee to participate in the IslandCache Program, you must have a ferry ticket with interisland connection to get to the appropriate islands. The ticket is good for the entire day, and can be purchased at the Long Wharf ticket kiosk or online.
  6. All of the sites are located on trails or hardened surfaces. The first two sites, however, are the only sites accessible to individuals with disabilities.
Completing the Program
Email a ranger to request your Certificate of Completion for the IslandCache program. (Remember to include your name as you want it to appear on the certificate.)

More Information

Please email a ranger with any comments, questions or suggestions about the IslandCache Program.

Last updated: November 15, 2013

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