Boston Harbor Islands Partnership: Park Operations Committee

The Operations Committee of the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership provides leadership in defining the national park-quality visitor experience, including information/orientation, and visitor programs. The Committee also provides leadership and guidance to matters relating to cultural and natural resource management issues.

The Operations Committee will focus on issues such as: visitor services; safety; visitor protection; resource management; and transportation needs on a day-to-day basis over a one to five year period. The committee will coordinate efforts and provide input to the planning, education and marketing committees for more in-depth discussions on related long-term issues.

The Committee Will:

  • Review and assess visitor programs for improvement. Review protection, safety and emergency planning. Work with Partners, State Police, Environmental Police Officers, Towns and Harbor Masters, USCG for overview and planning suggestions.
  • Identify and recommend staffing and budget levels for park operations.
  • Identify and recommend staffing and program levels as new islands and resources come on line.
  • Identify cultural and natural resource management issues, recommend appropriate action and monitor for effective implementation.
  • Facilitate science in the park, which supports management.
  • Collect, review and analyze visitor statistics for the Partnership.
  • Provide a forum for cross-agency /Partner communications, coordination and cooperation on program issues.
  • Review and recommend program standards.
  • Recommend and /or sponsor training for staff and volunteers.
  • Provide input on development of transportation and visitor services needs such as food, sales areas and capital development including water, sanitary facilities and energy management.


  • Water Transportation

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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